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Posted by Sharon Pearson
Sharon Pearson
Sharon Pearson is the Program Coordinator for the Oberlin Project and liaison to
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on October 30, 2012 in Resilient Economy

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The current Feve location has been a local landmark for so long that it slipped my mind that Matt and Jason’s first location was across the street from Oberlin City Hall.  The Feve began as a coffee shop and has evolved into “the place to go” by many locals and others who know about Oberlin.

About 20 years ago, Matt and Jason realized that Oberlin was in need of a coffee shop and “night-life.” It was about 12 years ago when the Feve obtained a full liquor license.  As many residents are aware, The Feve is a restaurant and full service bar that also offers catering services.  They are very well known for their tater tots, burgers, and cold beverages.  While many are aware of the Sunday brunch, The Feve also provides brunch on Saturdays too!! Drinks and food range in price from $1 - $11.

The Feve is partially under construction at this time.  The new construction area will provide more room for cooking, preparation, and catering.  In addition a private party/meeting room is being constructed to better accommodate meeting space requests. This expansion will also allow The Feve to offer lunch on the 2nd floor since it can quickly become crowded on the first floor any given day of the week.

Matt and Jason were also proud of their work to replace 90% of the light bulbs with LED bulbs. They decided on this project, in association with other energy upgrades, because they believe it’s the “right thing to do.” As a result of changing their bulbs to LED they may reap a savings of 75% on their energy costs.  

Matt also saidThe Feve uses many local product and food sources.  The maple syrup and eggs are from the Amish not more than 25 miles away.  Their brunch menu includes locally gowned food such as tomatoes.  In fact, during season, their tomatoes and tomato-based soups are from their own gardens.   In addition, they attempt to recycle as much as the City allows, and their food waste is extremely low because of composting. One cool fact is The Feve uses a van to transport items and food that is fueled by used vegetable oil from the fryers onsite. 

Matt and Jason said they spend their money virtually everywhere in town. However, some of the specific places they mentioned are Slow Train Café, Oberlin IGA, Cowhaus Creamery, Lorenzo’s, Agave, and the Oberlin Farmer’s Market.

The Feve is the “Cheers” of Oberlin.  It a great place to talk with students, Oberlin College faculty, and other Oberlin residents.  In fact, it’s a great place for conversation as well.  To view menus and other information, go to or visit them on Facebook to view construction updates or hour changes as a result of the construction. I am looking forward to the completion of the renovation project, how about you?

The Feve
30 South Main St.
Oberlin, OH 44074
(440) 774-1978
Find us on Facebook!

11am - midnight Monday - Friday
3pm - midnight Saturday and Sunday
Brunch: 9:30am - 2:30pm Saturday and Sunday

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Sharon Pearson is the Program Coordinator for the Oberlin Project and liaison to the Transportation Working Group. Sharon will complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Green and Sustainable Enterprise Management by the end of 2013. She was born and raised in Oberlin and worked for Oberlin City Hall for 25 years. Currently she and her fiancé are moving back to Oberlin so they can take advantage of the various low-carbon transportation methods available including walking, biking, car-sharing, ridesharing while actively being involved in the Oberlin community.


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Wonderful article from a wonderful girl!

AJ! November 2, 2012

I was there last night!

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