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Anita Peebles is a 3rd year Religion and Environmental Studies major from Eaton
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on July 17, 2013 in Community Voices

AnitaMrs. Anita Lock has lived in Oberlin for 10 years. After visiting Oberlin when she was 15 and getting a flavor of the community, she thought, “I hope someday I’ll live here.” She is the proprietor of One-On-One Tutoring of Lorain County and is a music educator. Mrs. Lock also hosts “All Things Irish,” which airs on WOBC 91.5 FM every Saturday from 4-5pm.

Q: What word or image would you use to describe Oberlin?

A: Progressive.

Q: Would you care to explain that a little more?

A: I believe that many of the people in the community and college work together to try to bring in the best means into the community, that could be ways of respect, that could be in ways of caring for the earth. They are very hopeful about it. It’s not just a matter of being vocal, but they act on it too.

Q: If you defined “sustainability” for your own life, how would you do that? 

A: Working locally. Working together as a community. Pulling from our own resources and there’s just a lot right there. Anything can happen on a local level if we want to make it happen. But we have to want to do that. So it’s possible.

Q: What actions are you personally engaged in that relate to sustainability?

A: I have been practicing whole foods for over thirty years. I try to buy organic as much as I can, I try to buy locally as much as I can. I compost and we started a garden. There are so many various things that I have built up over the years and I am really just trying to keep up with that.  I try to set an example by setting a pace for other people - teach people who might not be aware of whole foods and sustainability, and that there is a better way to eat and live.

Q: How do you feel that these actions are important?

A: It helps to sustain life and helps to sustain community. We only have one chance in this life and we should make the best of it. It shouldn’t be about living for us, it should be about reaching out to others. If I have an opportunity to be a blessing to others, and tell them about things they can do to make their life better and lives better for other people, then I will.

Q: Is there anything that you’d like to tell your fellow community members regarding care for the environment and sustainable living choices?

A: First off, always think about others. Any actions that you do, whether it’s your eating or whatever you’re doing, it is going to affect another person. Always think about others first, don’t think about what it’s going to do for me, but how will this affect another person?

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Anita Peebles is a 3rd year Religion and Environmental Studies major from Eaton Rapids, Michigan. She is a Bonner Leader, a member of the Interfaith Student Council and a co-leader of Girls in Motion.

Photographer Info: Yvette Chen is a photographer for the Dashboard Project who is interested in the power of media and images. Originally from Princeton Junction, New Jersey, Yvette is a first year student at Oberlin College planning to study sociology and economics. Other than photography, in her spare time, she enjoys cooking and running through Ohio's rural landscapes.


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