Marvin Krislov

14th President of Oberlin College

marvin-krislovMarvin Krislov became the 14th president of Oberlin College in summer 2007. He came to Oberlin from the University of Michigan, where he had been vice president and general counsel since 1998. At Michigan, he was responsible for the university???s legal affairs, including establishing goals and strategies; serving as senior legal counsel to the Board of Regents, the university administration, and units, including the health systems; and supervising the professional staff and outside counsel required to carry out these activities.

Mr. Krislov led the University of Michigan???s legal defense of its admission policies, resulting in the 2003 Supreme Court decision recognizing the importance of student body diversity. He was lauded by the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund for his ???counsel and leadership??? for his work on the cases. He also cochaired the university???s presidential initiative on ethics in public life and served on the athletics department???s transition committee.

The Oberlin Project is our response to the global challenges of our times and to the challenges of building a bright future for Oberlin. We embarked on it bolstered by the knowledge that through the years the thinking, the discoveries, and the actions of Oberlin???s students, faculty, alumni, and local citizens have improved the lives of millions of people around the world. By reaffirming the purpose of an Oberlin education, and by building on the greatness of our college and our community, the Oberlin Project hopes to improve the lives of millions more through learning and labor.

You can learn more about Mr. Krislov at the Oberlin College web site.


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